Another product of AZCare package named AZBelt measures immediate activity which provides these capabilities:

  • Step Count
  • Distance
  • Calorie Consumption
  • Speed
  • Activity state (rest, walking, jogging, running)
  • Personalize the user information
  • History Diagrams (weekly, monthly)

AZBelt can be attached to the individual belts and measures daily activity. It should be placed on the waist of the person because of the high precision it can measure. Furthermore, it can be calibrated by the user which it can return the distance with higher accuracy.

Like AZScale, this add-on has also taken advantage of the BLE 4.0 technology for lower power consumption in which it can be charged for at least one week.

Manual Instruction:

After installing the AZCare application on your device and create your account, it will illustrate your activity measurements.

For calibration, you should walk a specified path and AZBelt will measure your steps and finally, AZBelt will set your stride.

Technical Specifications:

Dimension 45×25×5 mm
Power Supply Rechargeable Li-Po Battery
Measurements Step Count, Distance, Calorie, Speed, Activity
Others Accurate Measuring Android Application (AZCare) Rechargeable Battery
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