Immunoassay cartridges

The disposable cartridges used in this project are based on the microfluidic technology which use pneumatic actuation for transferring fluid to detection electrodes. This cartridge is the combination of microfluidic principles and automation to transfer bio fluids and solutions and also can be used for other biomarkers. 

A few countries use this technology in their medical instruments and we are proud to implement it in our devices. The production is a combination of injection molding and lamination and based on the assay requirements and detection methods, specific architecture can be devised. The materials have been used with highest biocompatibility.

In microfluidic technology, there are several advantages such as minimizing used materials to order of 10microliters and hence reducing assay price and also profiting the microfluidic mechanics to enhance the efficiency of mixing and reducing the incubation time which yields reduction in total time of assay. In this cartridge regarding the shelf life time, specific technology has been devised for storage of biologic materials. Other important features in this cartridge is the implementation of transferring fluid with feedbacks from the movement of fluid in channels and processing by microprocessors in reader.

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