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Noavaran Payesh Aani Salamat. Co (called AZsense) is stablished to achieve its main goal of saving lives by focusing on the field of “detecting” the health status of individuals. With several years of research and development, the company has succeeded to get the title “Knowledge- based grade 1” and has been able to design and manufacture products for the diagnosis of biological markers. In order to design and manufacture cutting-edge products the company has recruited specialized forces in various fields containing chemical analysis, electronics, biomaterials, bioelectrics, mechanics, chemical engineering, electronics, computers, and physical chemistry. The research and development of such products in the company has led to the registration of several domestic and international patents.

OUR Services

First product: Early diagnosis of heart attack

  • Quantitative measurement of cardiac Troponin I (cTnI) with some drops of blood
  • With less than 15 min time measurement
  • Point of Care feature

It should be noted in this way various byproducts are obtained.

Second product: Ready to use solutions for immunoassay tests

One of the most significant challenges with various types of biochemical measurements is the elimination of nonspecific interactions. In this type of measuring, the goal is to detect a specific biomarker in the biological fluid. To detect a specific biomarker, special bio-receptor is required. The proprietary receptor may interfere with the system, because it is often homogeneous with the measured compounds (such as antibodies as a protein) and interact nonspecifically with the wall of the vessel or tissue. As a result, in order to reduce these non-specific interactions, it is necessary to block free sites that are the place to create non-specific interactions. Blocking solutions play the key role in filling or blocking these nonspecific positions carried out by creating an environment similar to biological environments and the use of inactive proteins as well as detergents. 


Third product: Smart belt

  • Counting the number of steps
  • Measuring calories consumed
  • Measuring travelled distance
  • Calibration ability

Fourth product: Smart scale

  • Measuring the weight from 1 to 150 kilograms
  • Measuring health indicators such as FFM, BF, BMI, TB

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