This product, as a component of AZCare package, provides these capabilities:

  • measuring the body weight, ranging from 1 to 150 kilograms
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • body fat
  • total body water
  • up to 2000 body weight measurements
  • Personalize the user information
  • Up to create 10 accounts for different people
  • History Diagrams (weekly, monthly)

AZscale is capable of measuring body weight with an error lower than 0.4 kg. Also, employing BLE 4.0 technology can optimize its battery usage. As a result, the product enables users to perform 2000 body weight measurements using only 3 AAA batteries.

Manual Instruction:

At first, users should install the AZCare application on their smartphones. Then users can see their general healthcare information via the application. After installation, the user should create a new personal account, including name, age, gender and height. This information can also use for the AZBelt application. After selecting AZScale device on the application, the user should stand on the scale properly in which the electrodes should be covered by her/his feet. After only some seconds AZScale demonstrates the results including body weight, BMI, body fat and total body water.

Technical Specifications:

Dimension 30×30×4 cm
Body range measurement 1 to 150 Kg
Measurement error 0.1%
Display 7-segment
Power Supply 3 AAA battery
Measurements BMI, FM, TBW
Others Accurate Measuring Android Application (AZCare)
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